Hola amigos!

On Christmas Eve we had a little party, with like relish trays, cheese and crackers, ect. It was good and filling, and we are still eating on it! After that we listened to the navity story (with rubber duckys, thank you very much). After that we each got to open a small gift. Abby also lost a tooth during the process, and was excited for both the tooth fairy, and santa clause to come in the same night! Then I think we just sat in the kitchen talking about the spirit of the law, for quiet some time, it was a pretty heated debate! Many people dropped of plates and caroled, and guess who had to open the door! Some things in life are NOT fair. And mom had a long conversation with Amy Bullinger. After that me, Scott, Cliff, and Meredith watched Home Alone. Then I relectantly went to my room and waited while santa delivered presents. I have a little tv in my room, so I put in Hannah Montana. I watched about half of it then fell asleep, woke up, started it again and finished it then slept for about 30 minutes. Most of us woke up at about 5, but we didn't open presents till about 5:30. I got quiet the gifts this year, ranging from a make your own root beer, to a twilight game, all the way down to a mini laptop. It's pretty cool. I got some pretty sweet clothes too, along with many other gifts that I am very thankful for. Thanks to all! Scott got rock band, so the whole day today we played that. Caution: It's harder than It looks. Our Christmas was a blast and I'm glad I was able to spend it with family. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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